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Our Story

Vantage Shipbrokers Pte Ltd was founded in April, 2012 to provide ship broking services to the tanker markets.


The company was the brain child of a group like-minded experienced brokers who wished to branch out on their own. From the inception (unlike small start-ups) we commenced operation with a team of over 20 members specializing in chemicals/dirty petroleum products/clean petroleum products.

As of 2022, Vantage Shipbrokers employs over 40 people, and have branched out to other tanker segments with an established Research & Advisory desk.

Vision & Mission

To provide professional ship-broking service to our clients.

To be steadfast in keeping to a well-known motto in shipping : Our word, Our Bond. 


To provide good and capable operational coverage for our Charterers and Owners to keep their minds at ease.

To understand the constantly evolving shipping logistics environment and maintain awareness and alertness in the market all the time. 

To advise clients on future tactics and directions on where growth may be found in terms of tanker transport.

Andre D'Rozario

Andre came from a Pan-Asian background and has chalked up over 20 years of broking experience for East of Suez segment, with a predominant focus on the MR-LR1-LR2 tankers. Exposed to both the spot and contract markets and primed in tailoring Time-Charter terms to customers’ needs, Andre has also undertaken the Mentor Role.

James Francis Jr

James earned himself a sponsored education in shipping at the age of 17 and has spent nearly a quarter century in Ship Broking, witnessing the evolution of the tanker market. The wealth of knowledge amassed to date has empowered James as a Sound Advisor due to his ability to Grasp and Anticipate Market Directions.

Quah Choong Hua

Quah worked under a Shipowner firm for the first few years in his shipping career and moved on to Broking in the CPP market 20 years ago. Calm, Composed, and never one to succumb under pressure, his Strong Leadership qualities have made him an integral part of Corporate Management, be it in past or present companies.

Lowell Ho

Lowell moved from Corporate and Investment Banking to Ship Broking over 16 years ago. His ability to Structure Deals, coupled with excellent Relationship Management and Problem Solving skills, has put him at the forefront of the Asian market, creating the bridge between Asian Owners, like Sinochem, and foreign MNCs and IOCs.

Randy Yong

Yong set out as a Shipping Agent before making a career shift to his passion at the Broking desk. Motivated by challenges and never failing to Deliver with Professionalism, Yong has positioned himself as a Competitive Negotiator for the past 20 years. By nature a Team Player, he possesses the innate ability in Fostering Bonds among individuals, an immeasurable yet imperative component for any company striving towards success.

Our Corporate Structure

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